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A Gay Couple?

My brother Ush and I have been spending a lot of time together. We recently argued over the fact that he’s been with me his whole life and that he’s always in my shadow where as I had two years without him (before he was born). He resents the fact we do a lot of things together and it sometimes gets on his nerves. Brothers (sigh)

We were thinking sometimes we end up bitching in a store about something or somewhere in public for no reason and it just escalates sometimes into something bigger when it’s such a small issue to begin with. I told him it’s like as if we’re a gay couple and he said “that’s exactly what I was thinking”.

I said to him due to our new found bitchiness we should try one day and enter a store, I dunno maybe Armani or Hugo Boss as a gay couple! He laughed. We entertained the idea for a bit and I thought it would be kinda cool and we could pull it off with a simple accent and campness. I was thinking there was no way Ush would do it and I was right. But it would’ve been really funny though! Coming to a store near you…

Thinking of that reminded me of what I usually do to my other family members. I sometimes ring up home in a lame arab accent. Demanding where my Father is… “Wain Muthafar” and that there’s a problem with the pipeline or the system or I make up something. It’s really hilarious. I did it to my mom once and got her so riled up she put the phone down. But to be honest I did push it a bit that one time. I had to ring her back and tell her it was me. It’s so frikin funny! I use to do it to my little bro Imad, but I think he’s catching on… Little Devil

Hey they said in the last family meeting we had we should joke more as a family and not be so serious. I’m just doing what I’m told :)