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The heavens opened and it rained in Dhahran Saudi Arabia today! I was waiting to attend magrib at the mosque, there was no car because my folks took it to Bahrain for some pta meeting at my brother’s school… So i was carless! So i thought i’d walk. A few moments before I was set to leave there was no rain in sight the ground was wet from earlier showers, but I was thinking “alright this is great!” I’m not gonna get wet yay! So I get my jacket and open the door and all of a sudden it just pours it down and I mean it’s really “chuck’in it”. After that I was a bit dismayed should i go shouldn’t i go it’s raining and i’m lazy i didn’t really wanna go! Then I was thinking man I’ve been out through much worse weather than this so I found an umbrella and off i went.

Just before I got on to the main road that went straight to the mosque, i saw a little kid riding his bicycle and an elderly man with a long grayish beard came out from a nearby house dressed in a brown thobe and a red and white ghutra loosly warpped over his head. The little boy on the bike said “Assalmu Alaikum Sheikh!” The Sheikh replied in kind! Then I walked by him and gave him Salaams just before he was getting in his car and he replied to me in kinda as well, with a really big smile on his face. I noticed his smile because i’ve seen many people smile, hundreds of times, they smile to say hello, smile to be nice or kind, smile to be polite… but this smile had something different behind it, i couldn’t figure it out but this guy had light behind his smile! I could see the noor from his face! I was a block away from getting on the main road towards the mosque when the sheikh turned around and said to me in really good english (semi arab/american) accent “would you like a ride!”. I was taken aback! I would never have dreamed of such good english coming from a man who looked liked that and I never dreamed someone offering me a ride like that either!

So I hopped in his car and asked for his name and then I introduced myself! Brother Ahmed looked familiar! I found out he teaches Quran to the kids around here, then I realized where I’d seen him. I asked him do you teach Mustafa Shekhani (my lil buddy) he said yes. So he knew me before i got into his car hehe! He’s a good man I thought, we talked about a lot of things including tennis. And i realized something from the way he spoke to the words he used the passion in his eyes the way he expressed everything it was so genuine it was as if it all came from his heart. While i sat in his car I reached for the seatbelt and realized that the seatbelt was not going to work, and then it hit me, he didn’t need it to work! We drove in his raggedy old toyota corolla all the way to the mosque. I looked at his face and i realized that this man sitting next to me didn’t need a mercedes or a bmw to define his wealth or to show people his status. I saw his wealth from the way he greeted me and from his smile and that’s all i needed to know! The man I met today I felt he had riches beyond all these degrees and monetary wealth, it was as if he’d found some kinda of peace and tranquility, he never frowned he had no stress on his face or in his voice, it was as if he’d graduated with a degree from the university of life :)