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Allah Made Me Funny

I was watching the global peace & unity event organized by the Islam channel at the excel center in London. It was a pretty good event, being the first of it’s kind, and it was amazing on TV though people i know who went there thought it was very badly organized and could’ve been done better anyways Allah knows best and inshAllah the next event they do will be great…


I came across a comedian they had on the show by the name of Preacher Moss, a revert to Islam. His routine was amazing and being a huge fan of stand-up it was refreshing to see a brother up there doin his thaing. Getting info on him was easy which led me to Allah Made Me Funny site, they actually have a global tour of three Muslim comics (the preacher included) doin their routine to audiences across the world I thought I had to share this and would love to get some of their material.

Muslim community is generally well very unhappy especially in these times, so it was nice to see a guy trying to put a smile on people’s faces.

Preach on brothers