Another Weekend

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Alright I’m gonna write about another weekend. I think this is becoming a weekend blog. I can’t help it! Interesting things only happen to me on the weekend.

I spent some time with my Mamu Zafar again, it’s was great! I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked to but I had things to do. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I had to go really because it was the final of strictly come dancing and that was where I watched it first and it only seemed fitting to watch the final there. It would have been weird if I didn’t. Oh and the final of X-factor too, those G4 boys completely ruined Creep by Radiohead… I think Radiohead should sue em… Scratch that they should blow they’re heads off!

I should mention I’ve been listening to Radio’s earlier stuff, it’s amazing! They’re truly one of Britain great bands and a tribute to… well everything music really! I was gonna say rock but they’ve branched out in to all sorts now. Still great though. I’d recommend them to anyone (if you like that kinda thing that is)

Awww it was a great weekend, I had a blast! My Mamu Zafar and his family are really sweet people. I’m so happy I’m getting to know them. They really have a special place in my heart. Everybody’s holidays are coming at the end of this week so might do something together if people aren’t busy. As to what it might be that I don’t know yet. Hope the cricket thing I was talking about earlier gets off the ground that’ll be fun.

Everything else is going well. I was asked to come down and see my friend’s brother who owns a computing consultancy company and he said I should come work for him. Am I moving down to London? I don’t know? I don’t really wanna but I think it’s because I’m afraid of change and London does scare me, I really don’t like big city’s and all the hustle and bustle. I mean I’ll get use to it but I hate the transition. But sometimes you have to do the things you don’t like to I guess. God knows I need the money.

I’m trying to get things together so I can go home to. I’m gonna try and do my passport today. But my motivation for going home as seriously gone down the tubes. My relationship with my parents has gone well really kinda sour. Long distant relationships are so hard. I guess if I was doing my own thing I wouldn’t get shouted at. But because I’m in a kinda limbo they’re not to happy about it. I think sometimes why do I let myself get hurt so much. And it’s not just once it’s over and over again. I give the person the benefit of the doubt  (I’m not talking about my family now) that a person is good and trust worthy by nature but I keep getting duped by so many people. You learn quick don’t get me wrong but then it’ll be a differnt face with promises and they’ll dupe you too hehe, I can only laugh about it. That’s the way things go I guess.

Gosh I can smell fish food…. uuuuugh that wreaks! Damn this sensitive nose! There are three tubs of fish food right next to me besides my cousins fish tank and they wreak!

Ok that’s it for me I hope I’ll get to do everything I need to this week, that includes Sheffield and London, tall order for me I know, but my lazy ass has gotta do it :)