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There’s this old old old man i see at the mosque almost daily. Beautiful long white beard, his face is so weathered like it has a million stories to tell, all these winkly lines on his face, topi like jinnah’s and he wears a salwar kameez with a long sleeve sweater on top. SubhanAllah this guy’s so old that he can’t stand up straight he’s like half bent when he walks around bachara it’s like he’s almost always in rukoo… When he walks he shuffles he’s feet like old people do cos they don’t have the strength to pick them up. I saw him as he left yesterday struggling to get himself off the floor, and oh no he’s too stubborn to use a chair to do his namaz, is it him being stubborn or is it valiant act in the eyes of God, showing Him that dangit I can still do it like the rest of them.

In this mosque people pull up in porches, ferraris, mercede clss and they all come in there to pray and MashAllah good for them! After a magrhib or isha jumat when all is said and done I look around at all the people there and this baba catches my eye and I can’t help but notice that all these despite all these high flying dudes with their fancy sports cars the richest man in there is this old baba you can see it, it’s on his face! :)

He leaves the mosque… and this is the best part he comes to the mosque on a bike, no not a motorbike but one of those old bikes like the ones you see in pakistan or india. The tuti puti kinda :)

I saw him leaving… inta mehnet ke saat he’s there pedleing away going oh so slowly pushing down with great difficulty with one foot then the other foot a precession of cars behind him watiing to pass… I stood there and watched him as he left. Baba was undeterred, he continued despite what was going on around him and this line of cars amassing behind him… hehe the cars didn’t own the road Baba did :)

It was the sweetest most valiant thing i’ve seen in a person it shows me truly that the human spirit is so alive in this oh so old man! God has truly blessed this man!

Keep on peddeling Baba don’t you ever stop :)