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Back at Work

Back at work again…

Lots of people in the house now the whole team in fact. It really feels lively than before it was just the four of us. Got all my gear down and it feels great to have my stuff with me. Still trying to fit in but I think it’s a bit difficult. Only found a couple of people who I can really connect with. Everyone else is well really, well lets just say we don’t have that much in common. Still a lot of swearing and really bad jokes too.

Went earlier this morning to drop a person I met only the day before. Her father passes away and I kept the boss company on his way back. I think that was very hard to deal with. She’s brave though. But losing your father is a very tough ordeal. I really don’t know how to behave in situations like that, it’s very awkward. I guess you just have to be yourself.

May Allah Give Him Jannah InshAllah.