Becoming Muslim

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I just got back from the mosque after praying magrib (sunset) prayer. I was fortunate to witness a beautiful man doing a beautiful thing. He became muslim. It’s not very often i get to see people taking the oath to becoming a muslim, I can only rember three or four time and every time I see it every time it’s so different for each person.

I can’t remeber the man’s orginal name now I know he came from a sikh background and I didn’t want to take a photo or video with my phone with fear of attack from any person who might object, so I just sat quietly and watched. It was indeed an amazing thing as it always is. Seeing it being done in a pakistani mosque was the first time of me and it showed me a lot especially how differently it was done I guess everyone has their own style. I think the imam went on a bit and half of the words I couldn’t understand that well ‘cos my urdu’s not up to scratch but it was good all the same. I guess it kinda put it in perspective for the guy and the people watching. He chose a beautiful name but for the life of me I can’t remeber it now, and i was only a few minutes ago. Ah well nevermind.

What struck me the most outta everything was when I went to hug him and the look he gave me and the smile that followed after our embrace, it just really kinda put it in perpective for me it’s like he’s found the solace or the answers to the questions he was looking for, and wow this man has finally found something to make him who he is. To the smile on his face and see the light coming off it from his dark complection, really made a bit emotinoal and I left the mosque with an aura of “wow” and a renewed spirit for the days ahead. I saw something in him that was so beautiful and good that it’s so hard to explain that made me in turn feel something amazing from him, for him. I guess in the end it just made me feel so glad to be alive and who I am and what I witnessed.