Brotherly Love

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First of all apologies for the sudden direction this blog is taking into my family life. I never knew quite what I was going to do with this blog in the first place but my tech savvy cousin got me into it and I tried it out and liked it. Being so far away from my relatives for so long I never really got to know them. I guess they’re on my mind a lot these days and in my heart. I think I’m probably making up for lost time, gosh i love them all so dearly. I’m trying hard to break down barriers that I had and the distance I feel that I had created over the years. The good news it’s working.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life!

My brother… Where should I start.

I had a huge row with my brother when I came back from Bradford on the weekend. It’s quite funny actually now that I think about it but at the time I thought it was terrible. It all started off when I walked through the door. My brother was no where to be seen I guessed he was in the bathroom and I started to unpack all my gear and I was on the computer when my friend rang. While on the phone my brother makes his appearance and he didn’t give me Salaams, when I got off the phone he still didn’t give me Salaams but asked me a question… I was disappointed and asked him why he hadn’t greeted me while I’ve been away for so long…

It all started from there really and well there was no point to our argument except to really waste time. I still think there’s something wrong with him, he’s more distant than usual but I still can’t figure out what it is. But one thing I managed to do is, for him to come with me to Bradford… FINALLY! I know! But to tell you the truth it took a long time, this guy just isn’t a people person. Anyways it was I think the word cake and birthday (it’s his bday btw on Monday 29th Nov) that got him to go. That my Khala (aunt) is generously going to provide, she’s such a wonderful person. But seriously how could you say no when someone’s going to get you cake and you’re not gonna go. He thougt about it but he eventually gave in. I really don’t know what’s up with my brother these days. But don’t worry he’s finally coming now!

I swear we need to go home soon otherwise we’re going to kill each other :)