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Bsg on PS2 Frack’n Hard!

00064765_1Ok i finally completed this game with the utmost distaste for it
afterwords. I would like to here by declare my evil wrath upon the
development team that made this game so damn hard! It was fun when you
got somewhere in it but it’s so unbelievably arghhhhh! that most of the
time you’ll end up getting very, very, very frustrated.

6 and 13 will have you crying after the umpteenth time you restart the
mission along with the save function being so crap in each level that
if you mess up you have to start from the beginning of the mission

I would only recommend to any die hard gamers and anybody
with a lot of time on there hands and of course also the original bsg
fans… oh and don’t forget patience you need so much of that. Hey and
if you can’t finish it at least it’ll look pretty amongst your collection.

Not for the faint hearted!

  • Games are supposed to be fun…

  • Mohsin

    It was a lot of fun at times but i think it got very personal for me at times and wanting to complete it. Plus playing as vipers and bombers was awesome and the way you could fly’em was really fun