Bush or Kerry?

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I was speaking with my brother while I was making fruit salad at the table for Iftar. He was opening the dates with a knife and putting almonds in them in the kitchen.

I asked him, so who do you think will win the US election? His reply was I don’t care.
I was a bit taken a back by that. He then told me, “I’ don’t watch the news, I’m not into politics like you are I don’t watch the news everyday”. I told you must care a little, it’ll will effect you in some way. He said “it won’t because I won’t let it if something happens I’ll deal with it when it happens”.

What a different out look on life. I thought it was pretty sad the way he thought of it and I told him so. I then reminded him of the hadith of The messenger of Allah (saw) said:

‘Any one of you who wakes up in the morning and does not care for the affairs of the Ummah (the followers of the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)), is not one of us’ [Muslim]

It was harsh I know but I thought it merited the topic we were discussing. He told me to stop preaching and that he doesn’t really listen to me when I say stuff like that. That hurt. I stopped. I could see he was getting mad although it really hurt me that he thought this way, I told myself to cool down in my mind and in my heart.

The next thing I hear after a few moments of silence while I just started to continue the fruit salad. Ouch! And a Ssssssshhhh sound (like the one you make between the teeth) coming from the kitchen. I didn’t pay much attention to it cos I thought maybe he just stubbed his toe or something trivial. In fact he actually cut his finger with the knife he was using to open the dates with. He went to the drawer and rummaged through it to find a band aid, after rummaging for a while he couldn’t find one and went back to the kitchen to run his finger under water. I still didn’t think it was anything serious. He then asked me to go get the a plaster for him I stopped what I was doing went to the drawer he was at and got him one. I got concerned. I asked him if it was deep he said yeah. I felt sorry for him. But he’s a big lad. I then smiled at him and I said I know why that happened. (I couldn’t definitely know but I think I had a pretty good). I went back to making the fruit chart it was gonna be iftar (break our fast) soon.

God indeed works in mysterious ways…