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Busy Busy Busy

Hey I’ve been so busy you can’t believe it! Everything’s going well alhumdulliah and I’m really very happy. I haven’t had any internet access for a while now and I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms :)

I’ll post something proper when I get the time, but just to keep you up to speed I’ve been in Slough since I left Harrogate last Thursday… So I was supposed to go back but they thought I was gonna stay for the week a bit of miscommunication but I thought hell with it let me stay for a week and see what things are like with this company… I can’t begin to tell you the stuff I’ve been learning it’s really great it’s given me a great opportunity to do the things I always wanted to do but never knew quite how.

Anyways I’ll post something later when I get the time :)

Should be going home on Friday so that’ll be nice but I need to bring all my stuff down cos I’ve been wearing the only thing I had and it’s well it’s getting really dirty