Canadian Immigration

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Candian immigration and the stupidity that is me…
hindsight is such a beautiful thing in times like theses
Canadian custom form SIgned it sure no problem.

Fist immigration desk…
Immigration Officer: Hello sir where are you coming from?
Me: London…
Immigration Officer: what’s the purpose of your stay
Me: pleasure, visiting a few friends…
Immigration Officer: where do they live
Me: Mississauga…
Immigration Officer: alright sir you have a good day…

I could see the baggage carousel and it seemed like glowing light at
the end of the tunnel… heaven at the time i finally did it, my first
trip on a whim and a prayer. I’m almost out. This big canadian guy
bigger than me (can you imagine) flagged me step this way sir… I’m
like ok now i’m in another line for immigration again… waiting…
finally get called.

Immigration Officer: So sir what is the purpose of your stay
Me: visiting friends i said…
Immigration Officer: where do they live?
Me: Mississauga

right it was at this point i realized that i had nobody’s phone number
nobody’s address I had nothing, this whole things was so last
minute… all my communication was on facebook, i was like i’m coming
to canada and they were like cool uncle (our dad) will meet you at the
airport! I was like cool uncle will meet me… Back to this white
candian with glasses….

Immigration Officer: sir could you please write the names and address
and phone numbers of everyone you’re visiting here in canada on this
piece of paper.
Me: ummmm i only know there names…
Immigration Officer: so you don’t know their addresses
Me: ummm no!
Immigration Officer: So you don’t know these poeple really do you sir!
Me: no no I know them I grew up with them!
Immigration Officer: where did you grow up with them? (it got worse from there)
Me: Ummm in Saudi Arabia (eeek)…
Immigration Officer: (it went quiet around me) sir please write the
information i requested on this piece of paper!
i wrote the names of the people i grew up with.
Immigration Officer: How old are they Sir?
Me: i guesed roughly gave the ages kinda didn’t know exactly
Immigration Officer: you don’ t know them do you sir?
Me: no no i DO! I really do!

he took Hussian bhai’s name (Hussain Pasha)
Immigration Officer: what’s his middle name I was like
Me: I don’t know! (crying a little inside now)
Immigration Officer: Sir how do you really expect me to believe that
you know these people
Me: Serriously sir i know them… honest!
Immigration Officer: Who are you staying with?
Me: i’m staying with they’re father…
Immigration Officer: What’s his name?
Me: His name is Uncle Pasha…
Immigration Officer: me What’s his first name!
Me: ummm Uncle ummm Pasha?
Me: I don’t know his first name! (i only knew him as uncle pasha)
Immigration Officer: you don’t really know these people how do you
accept me to believe that you know them!
i pleaded….
Me: I do I do know them!
Me: i’m staying with him and his wife…
Immigration Officer: what’s his wife’s name
Me: ummm Aunty Pasha…
i knew here fist name… i got excited.
Me I know her first name.. i know her first name it’s Sabia! Phew sigh
of relief…
Immigration Officer: how old is she!
how old is she i thought? Why the hell do you need to know that! How
Me: I dunno!
How should i know that! (eeeeek!) He stopped…
Immigration Officer: how many bags you got..
Me: two sir one on my back and a long one…
Immigration Officer: what’s in the bag?
Me: i got my laptop sir…
Immigration Officer: laptop huh! Why do you need a laptop? are you
planning to work here?
Me: No sir I’m here on holiday!
Immigration Officer: If you’re here on holiday why do you need a laptop!
Me: Ummm for emailing and messaging and facebook and stuff like that sir!
Immigration Officer: But your on holiday why do you need to email
isn’t that work!
Me: no sir it’s for keeping in touch with friends and stuff like that!
Immigration Officer: You’re here to work aren’t you!
Me: No sir i’m not honest I’m not!
I then began to explain to him the whole Social networking web 2.0
scene on the interweb! He finally let me go! I was so thankful at the
time I think i was reading the kalima by then (alhumdulilah i
thought)! Walk out the double doors the baggage carousel’s right

Another big candian officer stops me (6th one)
Big Canadian: hello sir…
Me: hello (no not agian please for all that is good and holy)
Big Canadian: Where are you coming from today sir (this is the 6th
bloody time i had to answer this question) Me: i smiled politeiy
London i said!
Big Canadian: Purpose of your visit?
Me: Pleasure visiting friends (for heavens sake)
Big Canadian: Thank You sir Enjoy your stay!

MY GOD! That was terrible… my heart’s still beating fast had to calm
it down take a few deep breaths i thought… Got my bag… get out and
find Uncle Pasha :)

If canadian immigration was that bad I can’t imagine what American immigration would be like… it’s my own fault really… and no thanx to my passport picture! Yikes!