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Sorry I’ve been all over the shop lately. I’m back in  Bradford again I know…

Let me get you up to speed. I had a great weekend with my Mamu Zafar again they’re great people we had a good time. Went to White Rose mall in Leeds which was nice hadn’t been there before. I started my mum’s side of the family tree. I’ve got up to my great grandfather but hoping my grandma can get me a bit more info when I see her this weekend (for the khatam/anniversary of my Nanajan/grandfather’s death). I’ve left it in my Mamu (uncle’s) hands to sort out a regular cricket indoor sport thingy we came up with. Hope they get back to me on a venue or something whenever they find out. It’d be great to hold one and get all the family together, we were just saying on the weekend that there are enough of us to have a cricket team :)

My Auntie (mamu’s wife) is so sweet. She’s one of the kindness people I know. She gave us loads of food when I left this time. You can see the noor shine off her face. You’d understand when you’d meet her. It’s people like that you know you’d wish there were more of in the world. I found out when I left the first time she missed me (cos I kidna left abruptly) I thought that was so sweet. May God bless her and keep her safe and happy always and her family :)

I finally saw The Incredibles it was really really good! Very funny. I wouldn’t say as funny and clever as Finding Nemo but definitely a good turn in the right direction. I’d have to say my favorite was Jack Jack he really did it for me… very cute.


Was watching Clear and Present Danger starring Harrison Ford just now on my Khala’s/Aunt’s huge plasma tv and surround sound. It’s such a good film. I’d have to say it’s one of my favorite if not the favorite. I love the bit when the bomb falls out of the sky, the way they did that was great! This movie truly stands the test of time in my opinion.