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What happens when you have an amazing day. I mean a really amazing day, you didn’t try hard for it you didn’t want it to happen it just happened. Let me explain… it was like i was in a place where everything came together. Maybe you could call it nirvana, or like a constant state of meditation, or when you stand in front of God and you know he’s watching you and all you can do is just bask in that divinity. It was like everything in the universe came together for me for just a few hours on Tuesday the 2nd of January in Al Rashid shopping mall of all places. It was like nothing mattered and everything did. Someone nodding to you as they pass you by, the man sitting next to you patting you on the back after prayer, the imaam looking up at you giving you a smile because he noticed you for some really strange reason outta of all the people sitting there, the music of your life playing in the background and people can see that you have something, something indescribably spiritual that it only existed in that short moment in time and space. It was like i was given the answers to every question i ever wanted to know a key to open every door i ever wanted and I didn’t need to tell anyone or act upon it because I just knew it and i understood it and it made me feel amazingly calm and collected. All my thoughts were crystal clear, i was conversing in languages that I don’t practice often. And Every person i met had a smile on their face and it was like they understood and accepted just who i was and what i’d found for the short burst of interaction I had with them. Does that make sense? Probably not. I’ll probably read this back again someday and never understand what happened, but i’ll have the pleasure of knowing something existed that day for those few hours where everything made so much sense and my soul and my body kinda became one just for that time.