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Eid Day(s)

Well there’s no continuity in the muslim ummah these days so
technically it wasn’t really Eid day it was Eid days cos some people did it on
Saturday and some on Sunday, I don’t want to get in to an argument over this
but if you have any doubts it was on Saturday :)

It was really funny the night before I was trying to get the
right day phoneing around. On the Islam Channel on Sky they said it was on
Saturday and there was no Taraweeh in Saudi and I phoned my folks and it was
Eid on Saturday for them. I phoned my Taiji (Dad’s older brother) and he said
it was 99% on Sunday and my Khala (mom’s sister) said she’s doing it on Sunday.
I my Thaiji scratching his head and he was gonna phone around. I ended up
phoning a few mosques myself the leeds grand mosque said Sunday the Islamic
Welfare mosque in Sheffield (where I usually
go during uni) is on Saturday. I was really confused by now. It’s not
compulsory to do Eid prayer but it would be nice. I got back to my Taiji and
he’s doing it on Saturday so I thought cool I’ll do prayer with him. We had to
wake up some insane hour in the morning to make the 8:30 prayer but it was
worth it. Eid’s not the same without doing the prayer well for me it isn’t

I had a great day we had great food from my Thaii (dad’s
brother’s wife) they put a lot of effort into it and it showed. Gosh it felt
really weird eating during the day after a month of fasting. I couldn’t get use
to it and I ate loads of food that day when my stomach said no more please I
just kept piling it in. Every house we went to we had to eat a bit. It’d be
rude not to.

Eid’s like Christmas for the Muslims so we see a lot of
family I was thankful to see a good portion from both sides as they’re both in Bradford. I saw my Taiji and his family. And always see
Uncle Abid at Eid prayer every year that’s the only time we meet. It’s really
funny actually but it’s always great seeing him it’s like it wouldn’t be Eid
without him really. Ok so I saw Uncle Yasin and Ali (the Iraqi) they’re great,
I love them to bits. We went to Ali’s house later and me Anty Anne and Uncle
Saleem who came from Malaysia and Aisha and her kids although one was feeling a bit porely but this is Adam
he’s so cute.


We met my cousin’s tenant a Lybian dude. He’s really nice
guy so full of life. It was great talking to him for the brief time we did. He
ended up calling me Osama. That was funny. This is one of his little guys he’s so cute


I ended up making a fool of myself, one of many throughout
Eid. We were at Ali’s house and we were having a discussion about me being
Jesus (the hair and the beard) and I can’t remember how I ended up talking
about Judas. But I was so tired (didn’t get any sleep the night before). I said
“who was that guy who betrayed Jesus”… That was stupid. I was gonna say Jacob
but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. So when I didn’t say that I still
ended up embarrassing myself. By asking the question who betrayed Jesus? Oh I
guess that’s what comes with the hair and the beard.

Right we ended up going to my mamoo Farooq’s (mom’s brother)
a fashionably late, I think a bit too fashionable and a bit too late. So we
kinda missed all the food and stuff but we met everybody there and had a good
chat which was great. Aunty M’s (Mamoo Farooq’s Wife) spring rolls were to die
for, I haven’t had Chinese for a long time and those spring rolls taunted my
taste buds. Spring rolls aren’t traditional Eid food bye the way just in case
you thought they were, but really nobody cares… after a month of fasting food’s
food man whatever the shape for colour or texture.

Seeing Mamoo Asif and Aunty Jana again was great. I always looked up to my Mamu Asif
since I was a great talking to him and his wife Aunty Jana, and getting to know
them. Their kid whose name is also Adam is so cute.  They grow fast don’t they…



I found that Aunty Jana’s
into Reiki too that’s so cool. It’s a shame some people are skeptical about it. But it’s great the way it’s spreading.

The Smart Casual Combination

Ok this turned a few heads for the right reasons or the
wrong ones I’m not too sure yet. I don’t know whether it’s my sense of style
that’s changing or it is it my new found attitude towards life that did it. I
didn’t think I could pull it off but I forgot about the negativities and just
thought it’d look good. I got criticized last Eid or I think the Eid before for
not dressing up and I guess to a certain degree I didn’t make the effort
because I really didn’t have anything thin but this time things were different.
In case you’re wondering what it was, it was a pair of really old vans shoes
(98 I think) pair of jeans, a long sleeve white top with the jacket from my
suite. I thought it looked good despite what anybody else thought. Normally I
wouldn’t of worn it but I left that all behind me it was great.

Along with my shabby hair and beard I was called all sorts
that day. It’s was really funny. On my dad’s side I was referred to as Jesus,
Badly Drawn Boy and Osama. My mom’s side it was Becks and a serial killer. It
was funny really when I was at my Mamoo Farooq’s when I’d just come in there
was my cousin and my Khala sniggering to themselves and I wasn’t really looking
towards them, but I heard when they said “should we tell him” and that’s when
they said I look like becks. Or at least that’s what I think they said, it was
all a bit overwhelming at the time. I’m not trying to “big up” myself here
that’s not the case I just thought I’d share what happened and how I felt
because it was funny at the time and made me feel good to.

The combination worked I guess. So I think I’ll use it more
often at high profiled events.

(I came across this picture while writing this entry in my blog. I was looking for a site for badly drawn boy and I came across this and I swear I did not see it before I went for Eid but it’ll give you some Idea of what I was wearing on the day and agian I must stress I thought of this before he did, it’s really quite funny when I found it)


Great seeing my cousins Nabeel and Umayr, could talk to those
guys for hours. We don’t see them all that much but when we do it’s great.
Nabeel’s a great guitar player he must practice loads, I’m very envious. Actually
he’s inspired me to do something about it now. I’ve always wanted to play the
guitar, and I’m not gonna try to hold it back any longer. I’d love to play the
drums and the bass to, but hold on hold on one thing at a time. I need to get
my foot in the door first, I need to find that door, don’t worry I’m looking
real hard. If we get good enough maybe we could start a band, that would be
awesome. I’m speculating here I can’t play a damn thing yet. If I’m still in
the same situation and I haven’t done anything about it you have my permission
to shoot me, or slap me silly, it’s your choice… My preference would be to hit
over the head with a guitar :)

We stayed at my Khala’s that night and got to celebrate Eid again
with them the next day. We went to my Nana’s (Grandfather mother’s side) grave the next day. I’d
never been before so I thought might as well go. It wasn’t eerie but wasn’t what
I expected or what I had in my mind. It was actually very pleasant and serial
really. I think my mom’s side have had a tough time without a Dad but mashAllah
they’ve turned out really well all of them and his grand kids, I’m sure he’s
very proud of us all.


My Mamoo Zafar came over (my mom’s eldest brother) with his
kids. I really don’t know them at all. I was really eager to talk to them but
they didn’t stay long. I found out more from the newest member of their family
Rozi’s (the eldest) husband. The Italian Stallion :)

We had a game of pool and man did he wipe the floor with me,
I found out he plays every weekend I had a few good shots but to tell you the
truth I didn’t stand a chance. Being from Italy we talked about Italian
billiards with the pins and the table’s much smaller. It was great but a shame
cos I got to know him more than I did his wife my cousin Rozi. In fact I know
more about him than I do any of mamoo Zafar’s family. Ok I know that’s sad. But
I’m making amends, better late the never huh. They said to come over on Monday
so I was gonna try while everybody was still around before they all go back to
there parts of the world. 

We went to a restaurant later that night and we had good
food (shame mamoo Zafar didn’t come), we didn’t eat much but it was nice what I had and I don’t think I ever
felt that light coming out of an Indian restaurant. Usually I end up feeling as
big as the cow I’m eating but that wasn’t the case this time, it’s a good


Oh damn! Another thing that happened which was really
embarrassing was I have pictures of friends and family on my phone. I took a
picture of my cousins at the restaurant and I was gonna show them how it turned
out. Being me I couldn’t show them the small version I wanted them to see the
big version on my phone. It ended up going to that album and they were like oh
who are they. Gosh that was really embarrassing, if I only scrolled down and
showed them the rest of the pics of my family and other friends. I didn’t know
how to handle it at the time. I just laugh now it was just so meant to happen
there was no way out of it… Thanx God

We went back to my Khala’s for dessert and well something
really quite silly, weird, or stupid. Oh my gosh I was embarrassed. I haven’t received
the pictures yet but it’s something that all the women made us do it was well
it was fun at the time, if I look back at it now what the hell was I thinking!
The pictures tell the whole story if I get them and post em up, you’ll
understand what I’m talking about, if not then you’ll never know muahahahahah!

A lot of things were mentioned. One which worried me the
most was the marriage aspect. Yep that’s right. It was from my Dad’s side
mainly (at Uncle Yasin’s house) they were joking about I know but never the
less the whispers have started I guess. Because I was talking to my Nani
(Grandmother) and she was telling me that she’s out there you don’t know her
name but she’s out there. It was really sweet of her what she said but it did
kind of send a few shivers or maybe they were shockwaves down my spine. Don’t get
me wrong I’d love to get married but it’s so not on my mind at the moment.

The next day Monday we just chilled out and relaxed for the
morning part. I was gonna phone my Mamoo Zafar to arrange when we could come
over. As soon as I pressed the button on the mobile to call them Mamoo Asif
(mom’s youngest brother) came up and said he was leaving. I had to cancel the
call and well everybody ended up leaving at that time and we left around midday.
I so wanted to go to Mamoo Zafar’s and meet everybody, and later I found out
that our cousins stayed a bit longer just in case anybody came. I felt so
guilty after that, I was to complaisant on Monday and just went with the flow.
Oh well I’m gonna see them on the weekend so that’ll be good.

So we got back on the train to go home and back to normal
life waiting for the next Eid

When I saw everybody there if was nice, it was so rare, I’d
love it if we could organize anther family photo like the one that’s on my
Nani’s wall. It’s a shame but I wish the family would get together more often.
Everybody’s growing up soo fast.