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Eid Mubarak!!!

The Eid hubbub’s now over :(

This time round Eid was great! One thing which i hadn’t done in a long time was eat too much food, that was a mistake. But I really felt it this time around more than usual, like it meant more in some weird way.

Yeh my mom’s still here and spending time with her is always special. It’s like your spending Eid with half the family, but it’s all good we had a great few days. We mainly visited family and went to Anum’s in Bradford for some dinner which wasn’t that bad, the food was good but to be honest I wasn’t hungry.

Image_00022    Leedsgrandmosque_1

My brother and I did Eid prayer at Leeds grand mosque and it was really good although we didn’t know anybody it was really fun and kind of sense of belonging that as muslims we feel on such a day. Funny thing I bumped into a guy who knew me or had seen me somewhere, I didn’t know him but he said he saw me somewhere i think maybe it was a friends wedding or party. We had a free breakfast there which was cool although it wasn’t hot food I enjoyed it. And low and behold my brother bumped into somebody he knew, a Malaysian. Malay’s are such nice people if you haven’t met one or been to Malaysia you must because they have a certain quality like you’ve known them forever and you feel so relaxed around them. I knew many in boarding school and they are amazing people. We went back to this Malay’s house and we had an amazing lunch Malay style and it was soooo nice and tasty haven’t had Malay food in a long time but this was really good food. We met his kids and they were soo cute, when we shook they’re hands to give them salaams they took our hands to touch their nose, that was cute, i know people from that part do that as a sign of respect but I never experienced it myself. They are such little kids, they were soo sweet.