Eid Mubarak!

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Happy Eid :)

Gosh I’ve been really busy. I know what’s it’s like working now! You haven’t
got any time to do anything else. I wanna break the mold though and join the
gym and tennis center and start going regularly. I have to otherwise I’m gonna
lose my mind. I really appreciate the time I had at uni.

I’m a new made man now… My Laptop’s working… Yippee!!!

I’ve been without it for a couple of weeks and all my music was on it and
all my personal stuff. Thank God it’s working again. I got a new hard drive and
got a hard drive caddie for my old hard drive to save all my data. Phew!

So I’m very happy :)

My passport came finally! Yeah! So I can go home soon (in Feb)! But thank
God my passport came because I didn’t want that to be a delaying factor in my
going home. Oh Eid’s around the corner so that’s gonna be good! I love Eid! I
can get my visitors Visa to go home to when Eid’s over so both good reasons to
be happy!

I just downloaded the bloc party album, their songs are amazing! The album’s great, a must by for any music fan!

I love my job too, it’s great… Gonna be Apple partners and Resellers soon
InshAllah so that’ll be cool! I’m looking forward to that! But is it tough what
I’m doing but it’s brilliant at the same time, so refreshing and new it’s a

Sorry this is a bit erratic but I’m kinda trying to jam everything that’s gone
on in the past few weeks… I’ll do my best to post regularly like I used to
but man I had a lot of time on my hands, sorry if I annoyed anyone :)

Going home tomorrow and spend Eid in


with the relatives… So Eid Mubaruk to all!!!!

Hope you have a magnificent day :)