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Epiphanic Running

It was a really cold morning and i dragged myself out of bed before fajr to go for a little run. While I was running i was listening to mainly snow patrol and low and behold the track chasing cars came on and it was the background music to everything that followed.

I had ran a lot and I decided it was time to take a breather. So I stopped… I have this habit at looking at the sky I dunno why i think it’s a childhood thing so i stopped and I turned my head to looking up at the early monring sky just before fajr. i just stood there look at this beatuful night sky you could see all the different colors of the sky and all the stars that were shimmering in it, gosh they were so bright! I stood there and contemplated that moment then everything started to slow down and i felt this warmth grow inside me and suddenly i realized something… I realized that everything seemed so meaningless in this world. I mean there i was running along on a cold winter monring on the streets of slough (slough’s a dump btw) and it just kinda came to me, this moment on how everything i’ve thought about everything i worried about or was afraid of and everything that is in my past and everything that hurt so much and everything that is yet to come it all became so meaningless. Not in a bad way, not like i wanna kill myself pointless what have i done with my life kinda thing, i mean more in the way how everything comes together for you for just that one moment, that purity you see in everything in the sky in the stars the clouds the planes with their flickring lights heck even the streets and the street lights with their orange glow it just all seemed really different that morning. It was as if i was there but i wasn’t really there. Like an outta body experience i guess. It was one of those moments again that i was given something just for a few minutes where everything made sense in this world.

I sometimes i think i’m an idiot for getting out of bed insanely early in the morning to run, and i ask myself sometimes why the hell i do it, (well i know why but that’s another reason :) ) but i guess it all becomes worth while when I have beautiful moments like these. I don’t think many people would understand this but wow wouldn’t it be amazing if they did! I sometimes wonder if other people have moments like these. I then went to pray fajr at the mosque which just topped of an amazing morning and the start to a beautiful day!