Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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I went for a jog and found on a beautiful day. Got nice and muddy too. I also came across this bench that’s in the middle of the stray (large green fields near Harrogate town centre).

4ape0031  4ape0032_1


Weird huh?

Oh another thing I should mention is that in my gaps when I was walking I put my hands together in a making an imaginary ball, not letting my hands touch and moving my hands around as you would do if you had a really ball in your hands and you kinda like stroking it. Well you know I’m into Rehki or Reiki… anyways I could feel loads of energy coming off my hands. It was FREAKY! It came so quickly too, it was really something, I could feel my hands get warmer and I could really feel a strong ball or what they sometimes call it a plasma ball. What really freaked me out came next. After I finished my plasma ball I put the hands on my chest and torso (as if you were wiping something off your hands) and all of a sudden I got this burst of energy and without thinking about it I started to run and I ran pretty much all the way home (stopped a bit before for cool down).

Freaky Huh?