Finally Going Home!

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Whoa it’s been a long time! I never knew how consuming work could be that I never found time to update this thing!

Well I’m finally going back home to Saudi! Yippee and about time too! Yup I’m going home the passports have visas on them the tickets have been booked and well that’s it really. It’s kinda serial though in a way because I never thought it would happen, and I’m not overly excited about it… don’t get my wrong I am excited but not at much as I thought I’d be. Anyways can’t wait to go home it’s gonna be great, get to play tennis spend time with family, get my iPod hehe!

So all’s well…

Work is really good although at times it can be very stressing though most of the time it’s really great. I’m sorta becoming the don at Linux, slowly though but it’s one hell of a system once you can get your head around it. But things are good here I’m very happy for the moment. There were times when I thought I’d just pack it in and forget about it but it’s something I had to do and boy have I learned a lot.

I hope I get to see some friends back home but I doubt it, well I don’t know really I don’t think anybody comes around march but it would be nice I guess. I just can’t wait to smell the air and the heat on my skin!