Free iPods

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Looks like Steve Jobs dream is coming true. In the space of an hour everyone I spoke to had "iPod" squeezed somewhere in the conversation. Referring to either wanting one getting one or in transit. I mean even my mom was talking about it and she’s afraid of the mouse (pc that is). Is the iPod the new Microsoft of the mp3 market or just a step in the door way of something big. I’ve spoken to people who don’t even have a clue how to put mp3’s on the device let alone have any mp3’s at all or any kind of digital music for that matter yet they crave an iPod why? Is it becoming more and more of a fashion accessory? Being kinda tech savvy I’ve wanted one of ages but now everyone wants one and I feel my appetite waning. If its uniqueness is dwindled and everybody has one in the future will it still be sought after is my question?

If you can’t wait and live in the US or know a buddy in the empire check out freeipods as far as I know it looks pretty legit and if the boys on BBC 2 showed it on Newsnight must be worth it.