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Galliano Burzacchi

My greatest memory from a dump that is Slough!
I got to Marks & Spencers (M&S) a lot in Slough mailny when i’m lazy and mainly when i work a lot!

I’ve found this little M&S just around the corner from where i live… When I found it was like my White Castle i couldn’t believe it… such good food so nearby! When i turned the corner and saw it had a glimmering glow all around it! I’d found heaven :)

I was looking for some crisps (potato chips) a particular kind, kinda a popular they all ran out! I bumped into this old man with the store uniform on. I asked him if he had any in the back… he went and checked and he came back with a whole handful. I was very chuffed i thanked him and continued my shopping… Now waiting in the check out line the old guy asks me to come over here and opens a new till for me and starts beeping my food! I was like whoa thank you very much… done… bit of small talk, money exchanged hands and bagged my stuff and went on my merry way.

Every time i go there I’m always greeted by this friendly face and upbeat attitude. The South African accent, the smile the face it’s so genuine. The friendly banter i was greeted with and as i left… The wave good bye across the store from the exit… “See ya later bud!” the reserved english looking around thinking what just happened who broke the silence! how does he know him? haha

His story is amazing… an Italian South African in Slough… of all places in the world, Slough! No children no wife… nothing… I didn’t wanna probe too much i could tell he’d been through tough stuff and was uncomfortable talking about a few things in his life… But we both had huge mutual respect for each other. To be honest with ya i stopped going for the food and just kinda went to see him and see how he’s doing!

Just look at his face in this photo… please! Can you see it? Can you? :)


Such a kind and gentle man with such a good heart! An Angel amongst men!
Live a long and a happy life in this one and the next Mr. Galliano Burzacchi you deserve it!