Getting to Know Family

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Attention: please do not perform the following unless you’re
in the right attitude (and I don’t mean mood swings I mean you’ve got be happy
with yourself and everybody constantly before you commit)… :)

Step 1…

Meet the family members you don’t know break the ice and get
to know them

After long last I finally went to my Mamu Zafar’s (mom’s
eldest brother) house. It’s the first time I’ve went with out my parents. I
know it was long overdue but I finally did it. Although unfortunately my
brother didn’t come due to various reasons (I can’t quite put my finger on).
But I really enjoyed myself and had a really great time. I wasn’t bored,
honest! I spoke to my cousins, although Baji Rozi and Baji Meena weren’t there
I still had a great time getting to know the rest of them. I didn’t realize how
fun Mamu Zafar is he’s like a big kid, it’s really quite scary because he
reminds me so much of myself which really freaks me out. Anyhoo although
nothing was planned we had a great time just talking I got to know Hashim
really well, he’s a great guy and Baji Furheen she’s really nice too, they’re
just such great people Allah has truly blessed them. Aunty Sakina makes amazing
food, it is to die for, hope I didn’t insult her because I’ve got a small
stomach and I didn’t really eat much, she made so much great food I should’ve
taken some back… Oh well I’m going again for seconds :) And I think we’ll plan
something for next time which is cool. I to tell you the truth I don’t think
I’ve ever hate that much since after Ramadan I don’t think I’m gonna be hungry
for days seriously… But no, really it was really nice of them.

I’m still kicking myself for not going on the Monday after
Eid cos Meena baji and baji Rozi waited for us too. That really dug the knife
in further, I should’ve been more aggressive and less passive on that day when
we left after Eid it’s just that everybody was leaving and I was kinda going
with the flow… what am I saying… I’ve already wrote about it, ah here it is…

(The next day Monday
we just chilled out and relaxed for the morning part. I was gonna phone my Mamu
Zafar to arrange when we could come over. As soon as I pressed the button on
the mobile to call them Mamu Asif (mom’s youngest brother) came up and said he
was leaving. I had to cancel the call and well everybody ended up leaving at
that time and we left around midday. I so wanted to go to Mamu Zafar’s and meet
everybody, and later I found out that our cousins stayed a bit longer just in
case anybody came. I felt so guilty after that, I was to complaisant on Monday
and just went with the flow. Oh well I’m gonna see them on the weekend so
that’ll be good)

I keep telling everybody I knew more about Rozi baji’s
husband Mohammed, the Italian stallion (it’s my nick name for him now hehe) but
yeah until I went to my Mamu Zafar’s on the weekend I really just knew the
Italian Stallion. But things are changing now which is really great for the

There just such nice people it just sometimes is really
emotional you know. It upsets me to know that they’re so nice and that I didn’t
get to know them before and it upset’s me now because I’m so happy I know them
now and they’re just so damn nice!

To paraphrase mamu Asif when he was talking about family “it’s difficult
when people live far away from each other and lead such busy lives but
hopefully we can get closer and stay close”
I feel it’s all about building
bridges now.

Well we watched Saturday night tv which I haven’t really
done in a while actually but it’s like we watched the programs I really didn’t watch or
never got into and we ended up watching them like Saturday Night: Strictly Come Dancing (and no I’m not gonig soft) to my surprise it was really good and it was well really entertaining, along with
the x factor and some others, I never got into reality shows like that before maybe it was
the company I was in, I dunno. But I wasn’t really bored. I spoke to Hashim
loads and he’s really great we spoke on a lot of things and I’m gonna take some
stuff back for him, he’s really into strategy games (like me), Homeworld and Homeworld 2
although they’re a bit old they’re classics. My Mamu’s family are really
into their films which is great. But apart from my Mamu, they haven’t really
seen the Peter Sellers stuff like the pink panther series and the party. I was
like you guys so have to see them they’re classics, when I watched them I don’t
think I’ve ever laughed so hard I started to cry. It’s great you find things
you have in common and you hit off.

I ended up ditching Nabeel and Umayr which I really didn’t
like but althought I was compelled to leave my heart told me to stay and keep
talking and learning and getting to know a family who are so close to me yet so
very far. But I feel I’ve come a long way with them now and this is just the first step…

Yeah so I didn’t get to watch the incredibles big deal… We
can plan it with Hashim and baji Furheen oh and Amir too.

Amir said the sweetest thing to me while I was taking care
of him he said he liked having cousins that was cute. He may look big man but
they’re all still so little inside. I am still like that sometimes I don’t think I’ll
ever grow up… Oh hang on Sponge Bob Square Pants is on :)

So the weekend as you can probably make you from the above
was great. I just thought I’d mention a few other things that I did. In case
you’re interested… I know you’re not but I’m gonna say it anyways :) Well all
the fun I had I ended up staying the night at mamu Zafar’s another first climb
of the hill of conquering mount familydom… Ok I’ll stop but yeah serisoiuly it
was good and I slept well they had a towel ready for me and everything it was
awesome like a hotel! :)

Oh Gosh the breakfast was great I don’t think I’ve felt that
full in the morning ever. (Tip: if you’re hungry go to Aunty Sakina’s house go empty,
you’re belly will not leave empty… belly paradise!) But it’s all good. We did
some thing chalisma I think (end of the 40 days of mourning) for my Aunty’s Sister God rest her soul… May Allah (swt) give her
Jannah InshAllah. We read some Quran for her and had some grub. It was great I
got to help out too, it so definetly reminded me of my uni days when I was with the muslim
society feeding the masses in the prayer room. It went off without a hitch which
was great. It was just a real pleasure spending time with them whatever  we did.

I got some kick ass cds from nabeel and umyer just listening
to Andy Timmons he’s amazing. Gosh you know everytime I see them it makes me
wanna take up the guitar or drums or something, it’s gonna start don’t worry
but it’s great to get that kinda of enthusiasm from them.

Mamu Zafar’s family are really so… well… just really… you
know… they’re family and I’m really happy, yup just happy, happy, happily
overwhelmed and so happy to get to know them. Although I don’t know all of them
it’s a start right?

I guess this is where the emailing begins :)