Good Bye Long Hair

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Yes I finally got a haircut at long last. And yes this blog post is about a week late but hey that’s the way it goes. My hair was long yes and i’ve lost the longish 70’s theme going on. I was supposed to get it trimmed in july but never did out of fear i guess so i’ve left it until now. My hair was long enough to my shoulders and it was getting a bit messy and needed to be tamed.

I went to toni & guy and i know it’s expensive but i thought i deserved it. Boy did i! I left their feeling like a million dollars, I swear that was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time and I guess I just felt really good about myself. I must admit it was a bit girly booking the appointment and talking to the stylist (hehe not the barber) and getting my hair washed, but hey it was totally worth it and i’m looking forward to doing it again.

There was a dilema, some people liked it long some people wanted it short. Let me explain the “long camp” girls and women that i knew said they liked it long which was cool and I liked it long as well and the “short camp” consisting of my parents, elder relatives and my boss and a few other tradtional and clean cut guys i know. The end of the day it’s my hair and i can do what i want with it while i’ve got it right? So here’s the before and after, some like it some don’t :) hehe all i know is that it’ll grow back.