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Good Friday

I think today being my last full day in Slough it’s the best feeling ever! It was also the best friday serman i’ve ever heard! Good friday Jesus, Mariam, Jesus’s Grandmother! Crucifictions haha it was all there all in english all made total sense! All perfect!

He said for a Muslim everyday is good friday! Actually every day is a good day, it’s a good thurdsay wednesday tuesday monday haha… He said don’t waste time, time is precious, time is ours! Don’t waste it sitting watching dramas or doing stupid things.

There are men who come and sit and listen to the serman there are men who come and stand in front of God to pray… They know why they’re here! They stand and they pray the sit and they listen and they shed tears.. they shed tears for they know in their heart the truth. The truth that some people will live and die and never find. The truth of why we’re all here!

Imaam saab said brothers there’s nikah please stay behind as it’s sunnah and the prophet recommended it. Well basically you know what everyone did they chipped (they left) in a flash… haha! I’ve nothing else better to do I never saw a nikah and it’s sunnah! So i thought why not… I saw this poor chap, still wet behind the ears nervous as anything, young, wide eyed going through the whole ordeal! In my eyes it was sweet and i wanted to give him a great big hug :)

One of the Prophets (saw) wives (khatija) said when asked about men… Walahi (I swear to God) no man is a waste! There’s always something for him someone for him… his partner… his wife… God has decreed it :)

The best of men are those who are kind to their wives
They’ll have the best of life in this world and in the next :)

But then we all knew that ;)