Great Days

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Wow another great morning…

Recently we’ve been having these great mornings where it’s just practically a clear sky and the sun’s out. I love the sun! I don’t mind when it’s cold as long as the sun is out. It’s been very freaky I haven’t experienced good mornings like this in a long time. Maybe it’s because I’m down south again and haven’t really been spending much time in the south since boarding school.

Just got an email from my Dad. Good News! Looks like I’ll be going home early February which is great! At least I can get my damn visa renewed, and pick up my iPod :) and see my family of course :D

Can’t Wait!

Oh I got an iPod Mini for Imad… it’s awesome he’s really chuffed! I never knew they were that small. I mean I’ve seen them now and then but they’re really tiny and cute! Great Product!

Gosh things are looking up… it’s great!