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I Love U

Recently i had someone very dear to my heart tell me that they love me! Oh man… It meant the world to me! You shouldn’t need to have someone tell you or spell it out that they love you. It’s always there in an unmentionable ammount and always will be even after you die, love never stops, love is timeless, boundless, endless it’s everything that emobdies your soul and it is ultimately who you are. I mean you pray for them and you care for them and you think about them, what are they doing are they ok. What you go through in your life, through thick and thin there’s so much trash in the world so much evil… unspeakable evil and Pain! But when someone says they love you, all that goes away in an instant! It hits me, like a tidal wave, and it means so much because it just reinforces everything i’ve always felt in the first place. There is so much good in love, it’s an emotion that feels right and everything that your surround it with feels honourable and a sense of closure and comfort. You try to be a good person throughout your’e life and all the things you sacrafice and everything that you do to be the best you can and that makes you who you are, in The end it all becomes so worth it when someone says they love you!

I love love, love loves me, and i love to love, it’s the greatest feeling God could ever bestowe on a human being. I wish it for everyone that i know because it’s the good part to this life, it’s part of being alive, and it’s everything your soul could ever live for.