(insert explative) Ticket!

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I got flippin’ ticket the yesterday! Arrrgh!!!

I was very angry with myself on how this came to pass! If you don’t know the story already let me fill you in. I live opposite a beautiful park named Valley Gardens in harrogate. You can only park here for 3 hours but since I’m a residence they give you a special permit so you don’t have to pay. But since my brother took the permit for his car when I had a little knock and my car was getting repaired I’ve been very good at putting the parking slips (scratch cards) that I have to put in for each day i park the car on the street. I’ve been very good so far in the beginning i learned my lesson after getting a few tickets. But yesterday was the first time I got a ticket since i started using the slips and i was so annoyed with myself.

However when i sat down and thought about it i realized that I was putting something off and this was, in my opinion fate’s cruel way of reminding me of what I needed to do… which was to get the car serviced and mot tested. I kept on putting this task off for no apparent reason. Finally i got my act together and I should get my car back on Tuesday.