Jedi Really Do Exist

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8509_1The fantastic world of Geroge Lucus really does exist well in part anyways and this may have influenced his creation of the facet of the Jedi Order. I speak of chi. To the untrained westerner it’s this magical engergy all around us. In the east it’s simply known as blood. Someone said “You live three days without water six days with out food but not one day without chi”. Everyone of us culminates chi within themselves some more than others. The similarities between “chi” and “the force” are breath taking despite the few obsucre ones. I mean Rehki could be construed as force healing. If every one of us did rehki or some form of meditation in the morning there would be no wars, anxiety or stress. As humans the potential of our bodies is limitless and still very much unknown. Catch Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves on BBC 3 a documentary series exploring the world of chi and martial arts. It will certainly make you think. The powers of chi are amazing harness your own energy, pick up a book about rehki, Tai Chi or any martial arts for that matter. Prepare to be amazed.