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I had another great weekend with my family. It was khatam for my Grandad, kinda like an anniversary thing for the day he died. We read surah Yasin and had an Imaam (priest) come over who did a few prayers. Then we had food…

I know it was kinda somber occasion but I had a great time. The whole family was there bar a few people. We all sat around my Khala’s big dining table and had lunch. It was kinda like those picturesque moments you get in the American films on thanksgiving or Christmas when everybody sits around a large dining room table and pass food around and laugh and joke. That’s what it was like and it was really a good feeling. I don’t think I ever felt close like that with my family ever. My Khala was saying we should do this every month which i think is a great idea… but whether it happens or not is a different matter, I pray it does but I have this feeling it won’t. I hope I’m wrong. I guess I could always organize it… yeah come to think of it, if no one does I will! I think maybe some of my uncle’s and aunties might not like that but I’m growing older now and I’m wielding a bit of respect here and there :)

I can feel the tension I guess on both my mum and dad’s side between family members, and it sad really that they don’t spend time together more often. My Dad’s side is really messed up now, it was before but it’s now maybe I think getting better soon.  My Mum’s side however is really different very warm and friendly and the Sunday with everybody really enhanced that and we should do that more often.

I really should’ve taken a picture when we were all around the table, I’m kicking my self about it now… Khala said one thing which really stuck in my mind, and it was a very appropriate thing to say too… She said while we were all sat at the table "Dad would be very proud of us", and she’s right.

Since I’ve started doing this family tree I’ve been closer to my grandpa and family then ever before. Oh I got loads of info from my Grandma. We talked loads, her english isn’t great and although my Urdu isn’t aswell we managed though. It’s funny actually she was too fast for me and I had trouble keeping up and getting names down. But I got a lot of info from her about her parents and their children. Although I think I’m gonna have to find another avenue (possible Pakistan) to find out about her grandparents, grandma said she was gonna make some calls and find out for me so we’ll see what comes from tha because we couldn’t get as fas as my great great grand parents. But it’s going well now and I’ve got enough info to start putting stuff down on paper and trying to figure it all out. Oh I got a new member of the team, one of my Mamu’s (uncle) he got some really cool info from like which caste we were from (arian) and tribes and things like that it was really interesting I’ll post it up soon. But yeah he’s on board and with help like that I think we might be able to do a really good job of this.

Yeah my brother didn’t come with me and everybody was asking where he is. Well I don’t know what’s up with him I think it’s probably a phase. But he should’ve really come this time, I mean it’s your Nanajaan’s Khatam man! Oh well… He’s eating the food a brought back I wasn’t gonna give him any because he didn’t go and I know he’d do that if it was me who didn’t go but I’m not like him. He gets me really mad sometimes on some of the things he does… I know brothers right… I think about things I can do to him when he hurts me, like well not being helpful or nice or do his dishes or give him food but I keep on reminding myself I’m not like that. Which is good cos then after a while I get over and don’t really remember what all the fuss was about.