Lazy Bum

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I finally managed to get off my lazy bum and to get to pray the magrib and isha prayer at the mosque I did the magrib at the small one in the hills camp which was okay not a great mosque but got the job done. I go for magrib and isha all the time after work in slough, I did this because my concious could not bear me not to go once I found the mosque where it was and what the times are during ramadan and all the trawiah i prayed there. I think i’m addicted cos when I pray by myself it’s just not the same. So now i finally got to do it here in Saudi as well and the feelings were the same I started to get a bit emotional praying isha at the mosque in the main camp. I couldn’t help it the imaam recites so well and it really gets to me you know. “blast you mother for these damn emotions” ;) hehe you know I love you really”.

I met a sri lankan guy there he was very nice to me, I got to ask him the time of isha and we got talking after that, i assumed he worked for aramco or one of it’s subsidiaries. But the guy bachara humbly replied i’m just a driver. He was a good man with a good soul you could tell it from his face and I thank God for the amazing people I get to meet in all the weird and wonderful places on this planet.