Leaving On A Jet Plane

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A couple of days ago my Granddad and my mom left for home. This is the first time my Granddad has been to see us in Saudi Arabia. He’s been there many times however for pilgrimage to Mecca. He’s been so many time that many call him Hajji Saab. Well that’s what my mom says anyways. I went to see them off at the airport I wasn’t planning to go but at the last minute why not. My Taiji (Dad’s older brother) came to pick us up a bit early we were a bit surprised, but seeing it was so early in the morning 15mins didn’t seem to make much difference to me. He was telling me that my Granddad was up at 3 raring to go. That’s so sweet. I had to take a picture of him at the airport well because he was so happy. He always seems happy when I seem him very tranquil and at peace it’s great!