Lesson Learned

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What happens when you make a mistake and then you know there was everything in your control you could have done to stop it from happening and then you let it happen anyways.

I’ve been warned several times by various people not to put too much of my private thoughts up here. The way I looked at it I put stuff down that affected me or mattered to me and I’d suffer the consequences.

I’m suffering the consequences now!

I’ll be alright but gosh you learn from your mistakes… You really are your own worst enemy.

I’ll blame my mum… Why? Well because I inherited her honesty and her ability to let things bother you until you get it out or really keep it buried in or until you go insane :) I’ve kept things buried in all my life and now I’ve started to get it out and talking behind people’s back is not my style I do my best to confront the issue with whomever or whatever it may be.

I guess this is my outlet  for all types of things that I experience to get off my mind. I’m not afriad of them that’s why I put them up here and if you wanna talk about it your most welcome to. I would prefer it actually, it gives me a chance to talk about it more :)

God please forgive me for the mistakes I do but help me learn from them… I do love your style though I saw all the signs and didn’t act upon them but I wasn’t supposed to because someone was meant to find and they did and now I have to deal with… I saw it all coming but didn’t do anything to stop it… I love the way you work :)