Life the Universe and everything

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Well what can i say… it’s been a long time again. Life has
been very good, God has been too good to me. Most of the things that I have and
that happen to me I don’t really deserve. After a long time things are looking
up, I wonder if they stay that way.

Anyhoo I’m back in England.
Yeah I know it’s a crummy place weather wise but I’m sorta getting use to it.
Me going home for those 2 months was brilliant. I don’t think I could’ve ever
asked for more than what I got those months. I experienced a lot of pain and a
lot sadness but so much happiness and so much joy to at the same time. It was
sorta of the high’s and lows of a mini life all wrapped into a couple of
months. I got a bit love sick as well but I got through that well, better than
I thought. Allah has taught me so much and is always there for me I couldn’t
ask for more just been to good to me.

Been keeping fit while i was there keeps your mind of things when your keep
busy. My Tennis game got really good I think the best I’ve ever had it at. I
gave some lessons as well to two sweet kids they’re angels, I swear. The
innocence and just spending time with them and listening to them reminded me
how I was when I was that age and how even now you try to capture what they
have. I could listen to them for hours, although one of my students didn’t talk
too much. But if there’s one thing I can take away from spending two months
back would be the last 3 days I spent with those kids, it’s something you never
forget. Very few moments in your life that you cherish, near death experience,
wedding day stuff like that, for me this was one of them, and I thank Allah for
that every day for letting me see the simple things that sometimes most people
over look.

I miss the little guys… Well works work and I’ve gotta a few more months before I go back then come back again and university kicks off. Oh my Dad came over we had a great time and had a good chat and ate out at some really cool places. Saw my Grandfather too he’s back in the uk he looked really happy when I saw him. Everything else is great, need to get back in shape though with work things kidna just get left out. My time spent at home was the best ever the people are just so humble and good it’s like there’s no evil I just feel so safe, such beautiful people,  and I’m looking forward to the next few months at work too, times just gonna fly by.