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London… Nottingham… Harrogate and back again

I’m back in Nottingham again! I left slough day before yesterday, came to Nottingham because I missed the last train on the 24th because we finished late. Crashed at my friends place. They took me home on xmas night and since I needed to be back the day after instead of being a lazy ass like I usually am (staying at home relax and then make my own way in my own time) I decided to come back with them and it saved me a train ride and carting all my stuff across the uk rail . Half of me wanted to stay at home and chill and the other half (my sensible half) was telling me they’ve come all this way use this opportunity to take all your stuff back… so that’s what I did.

And I’m back in Nottingham with all my stuff, and then I’m going down to London and start work for another week! At least I’ve got something to wear now. I don’t think I’ve ever worn the same clothes for a whole week like I did last week. I feel so clean now after getting new clothes and having a nice warm power shower at home and a shave while I was home last night.