Moderate or Extremist?

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Osama_1Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim or an extreme one. I’ve pondered
over this many times. I’ve had discussion with friends who say "you know
I’m a moderate Muslim" or sometimes they refer to it as being liberal, and
you hear it a lot on the news "oh he’s a moderate". Then there’s the
flipside, extremists or fanatical Muslims. Gun toting if you will. Labels and
tags defining the fastest growing religion which spans across the globe
including at least a 1.9 billion possibly now even more population. A religion
which one of the reasons defines itself on the unity and oness of every Muslim
on the planet regardless of their gender, nationality or color. An Umah.

Then why are Muslims defining themselves in one group or the other. Is this
the a new divide Muslims are to experience. You can’t blame the media for their
wording. You can only blame yourself. A so called extremist is easy to define.
Then what are moderates Are moderates all who don’t carry the view of an extremist?
Does that mean we’re all moderates? If a moderate is one who believes in Islam
but doesn’t practice it then is he/she an extremist the one who prays and practices
Islam regularly and hates America because he or she feels hurt and anguish in
their heart to what is happening to their brothers, sisters, mothers and
fathers of this ummah around this world.


I don’t believe a Muslims can be an extremist or a moderate, and I hate
people who define themselves like that. It just goes to show that they either
don’t really know anything about their religion or they know but choose not to
act upon what they think is right or easiest for them. That’s not to say that
people with extreme views are right but they aren’t entirely wrong. What I mean
to say is that there is no balance. There needs to be a balance in Islam now
more than ever before Muslims start branding each other as liars or traitors.
Isn’t that similar to how sunnis and shias came about? Interesting…

May God Help Us All