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I’m not home yet, should be by the end of today, I’m still at my Khala’s. I’ll post my thoughts on the weekend later. Oh happy birthday to Usman btw, it was his birthday yesterday and he’s now 20…

I just wanted to put down this dream I had two nights ago. I can’t explain it really but it had a lot to do with the weekends events. It started talking to my Mamu Zafar about his grandfather’s and great great grand fathers (I’m doing a family tree for my mum’s side of the family). I came back to my Khala’s and I mention this to her and we started talking about it and that my Grandma knows a lot about this (who I’m seeing this weekend,  ironically it’s the anniversary of the death of my grandfather on the weekend… I think).

Well let me explain this dream. Well it wasn’t a dream, it was rather more of a vision and I really wasn’t a sleep (I think). Anyways I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I was thinking of people who I knew had passes way my grandma and grandpa, my friends mum, my friends niece, and loads of people like that and funeral’s I went to, and I was seeing their faces and then this is what really freaked me out. I started to see the prophets of Islam in a line I couldn’t make out their faces they were only silhouettes but they were in order from Prophet Adam all the way down to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)… and over and over I kept hearing this voice in my head that everything’s going to be alright and no to worry and that everything will be good and well and that I should be happy.

While all this was going on I was crying my eyes out. Like a little baby, I really tired to get a hold of myself but it wasn’t working and I kept crying while I was seeing these images and hearing this voice.

You’re probably think I’m a nut job or really freaked out… it’s ok cos I still am… freaked out that is not a nut job :)

Weird huh?