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My Itinerary

Thursday; Sheffield, Friday; Nottingham/London, Saturday; London and then finally home, maybe… could be Sunday though.

I hate traveling! I don’t mind if I’m going to my destination and then stay there for a few weeks like I do when I go home. But the next three days are gonna be murder! Jumping from one place to another but yeah it’s gonna be alright though, I’m gonna be so tired by the end of it.

Hey but if anyone wants to see me and if you’re around at the time when I am, I’ll try to break away to see ya.

I’ve got so much on, hope it all goes well. If it does you never know I might have to go down to London permanently until I can go home. I don’t wanna but I do get the gig in London I relish the challenge, plus my friends have already told them I’m this genius and now they wanna see how good I really am! Eeeeek! Now that’s too much pressure! I love my friends but you know sometimes they can blow you outta proportion :)  It’s all good though… I can only give on what I know and have and if that’s what they want then cool!