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Noor (Light)

I remember one time when I was walking into the university’s prayer room and this brother came up to me I can’t remember his name but I know he was from Yemen. I’m usually a happy guy a lot of the time and I came in and gave Salaams to everyone. He looked at me, smiled and said

“Yani he’s (referring to me) always smiling, look you can see the noor from his face, it just lights up the whole room. You’re always smiling brother Allah will give you Jannah InshAllah.”

This just made me feel like the happiest person on the planet. When you receive such good comments like that, and boy do I cherish them. I know I’ll never forget this guy for as long as I live and he’s always in my prayers. I feel these days people don’t make efforts like he did. The affect it left with me lasts forever.

I asked a knowledgeable friend of mine about why babies always look at me when you’re in town or a mall or wherever. s always look at me. He said some scholars believe it’s because a baby has no sins and it’s thoughts are pure. A baby can see this pureness as light coming from your face and your hands. They can see a true person who has good in their heart and follows the righteous way. It explained so much to me so they look at you in awe and amazement and sometimes giggle or smile in acknowledgement of this. That made a lot of sense to me because cos babies and little kids they always looked at me and I couldn’t understand why, I thought maybe my hair was a bit funny or I had something on my face. I use to never understand it. It’s great though to know that this could be one of the reasons. I just love looking at babies and love the joy and excitement you can see on their faces. With such big round eyes like their in awe at everything they see that we usually take for granted. I guess maybe that’s why people long to be kids again to experience the innocence and peace of mind that a young child or baby has.