Oi Your Knicked Mate!

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Late last night about 1:00am my brother was at our desktop computer which is in front of a window looking over our street, Valley Drive. He noticed a light that caught his eye, there was dark figure lurking about on the opposite side of the street with a flash light looking into the parked cars. I slid the window down and stuck my head out and I was watching for a while when my brother decided to call the police, by the time he got through to someone I could hardly see the guy, the "perp" had made himself a fair way down the street towards harrogate town. Eventually I lost sight of him.


About half an hour later my brother got a phone call on his mobile… it was the police! They had arrested someone just off Valley Drive! Another half hour later Andy the police man showed up. Ush had to give a statement, it was all very exciting and kinda fun! I told Andy I was surprised how much paper work he had to go through when he was talking to usman, he chuckled and told me they go through a lot and it’s a pain. Though i was shocked when Andy asked my brother "are you willing to show up in court" and ushi said No! But when the cop explained to him it was to give evidence he changed his mind. I would love to turn up in court and say "it was him your honour he did!" Anyways it was a very exciting night, i was surprised at how quickly they caught him. Andy said he had a torch and some matches on him, I’m wondering now how the hell would the criminal got into a car if he found something of interest. I suppose he would’ve found a way, they usually do.