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Ramadan Mubarak to All!

Being the month where we fast from dawn till dusk I pray that all my friends and family reap the rewards of this blessed month. When the devil’s locked up and you really have no excuse to :) It’s been alright fasting here in the uk although it’s not the same atmosphere as an back home or any other Muslim country for that matter but you learn to get use to it. Yeah Iftrar was good despite my brother running off for a haircut at the last moment, talk about bad timing or what. When he came back though he looked like he was ready for boot camp.

A week ago I chastised my mom for making me miss The West Wing on Friday because the reiki lady was here. Funny enough I didn’t really watch it this week. I ended up watching the Taraweeh prayers at Mecca. I tried to change but I couldn’t. I had begun watching the prayers first on the Islamic Channel and was reading the translation. It was very moving and the you could sense the emotion in the Imams voice and he broke into tears for a bit. Gosh… you know something like that hits you, you know Ramadan’s here. I had a discussion after with my brother relating to the Imam crying. We’ve never noticed any other clergy men priests or likewise breaking down like that reading a sermon or giving mass or anything else. Being a Muslim I am bias but I’m not criticizing other faiths for their clergy men not being emotional it’s just that I’ve never seen it on TV or movies or anywhere really. The closets I got was prayer giving in my boarding school after every assembly in the great hall of Bedford School.

Anyways I made some samosas we had some pastry sheets and my mom left some keema in the fridge. However due to our over enthusiasm we left it quite late I’m surprised it didn’t go off. When we started making them we realized they were pretty small and I mean really small…


We made a few and gave it quits cos we though they aren’t supposed to be this size so we were gonna call our mom the next day. Lo and behold the I got an earful of why are you calling me about samosas they’ve probably gone off anyways throw it away or eat it with rice. I then thought why don’t we stick two of the pastry sheets together. How you say… I tried water, olive oil, water and olive oil didn’t work, however the margarine did so I spread it on each side of the pastry sheet and slapped them together and it worked (in most cases). The samosas were much bigger like they were supposed to be, or so I thought.


When we baked them, yes baked them dumping them in oil the way we made them they’d probably open up… disaster. I must admit they tasted much better baked. But we realized they were better when they were small. The small ones had a better keema to pastry ratio if there is such a thing, maybe there’s a formula :)