Reiki Attunement

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I forgot to mention that I got attuned last Friday. Reiki attunement that is. I didn’t want to at first but, but the lady came over to do my mom and I thought well might as well haven’t got anything to loose. I use to think it was a farce and that you can’t heal yourself by putting your hands on yourself in certain areas and doing the same to others as well. But when I tried some simple exercise my mom gave me to do like creating a ball of energy in between your hands sometimes known as Reiki ball, chi ball, or plasma ball and I thought it would take a long time but half a minute later I could feel it and I couldn’t believe it I you want to have a go here’s some instructions I found let me know how you got on. It’s really something serial. It totally changed my attitude towards the body and the mystical energies of this universe. I must point out however that people who need rehki it usually comes to them sooner or later (usually). But for those people like my aunty who leads a somewhat hectic lifestyle my mom gave her rehki and it unbalanced her and gave her a headache. And it doesn’t work too much for my brother either. But try it anyways you never know if you really need it or not.

You can even send rehki long distance. This is usually sent while the person is sleeping or in the evening. It happened to a neighbor of ours downstairs and she got it from her friends she said she felt a really warm sensation all over her body and she just fell asleep where she sat. And then when the attunement lady came over and after we’d been attuned my mom was talking to her about sending rehki long distance. She had a go and sent some rehki to my dad in Saudi, it was really freaky actually but in a cool way. She needed a picture of my Dad that my mom gave and she closed her eyes and gave him rehki while she was doing it she was saying that she could see a clear glass or mug with tea in it and he was sitting down watching TV and drinking his tea and was getting really warm and was looking at the tea and think wow this is good tea it’s making me all warm. You may think I’m crazy but I’m telling you that’s what happened. Now we confronted our dad with this trying to get hold of him the next day to no avail. My mom asked him when she got back home to Saudi and well he didn’t really entertain the conversation, that’s what my mom says, but I haven’t actually asked him I was trying to find a good time, either way he’ll probably freak out or get mad.

At this point you’re either really confused or freaked out. I would like to think that you’re astonished. But a worry that I had was that you could use this energy for evil or try to send bad energy to people or yourself. This is however not true. The energy of the universe is positive and can’t be used to harm someone. Only people can be negative if they chose to and be detrimental to themselves. Well that’s what the lady who came to give the attunements said. Oh forgot to mention I got rehki level 1 it’s really good I can fell the energy if I put my hand on my thigh, my other arm or wherever. But my mom got level 2 and she can send energies abroad she said she’s gonna send me some.

Don’t be shy to send some rehki my way… :)

Salaams… Peace…