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Saudi Summer

Man I wish I blogged this earlier, the summer back home was awesome in more ways than one. Wow did I get in shape again! Tennis, jogging, cycling it was very good, the heat was bad, really bad… but after a few weeks of climitization I got use to it and could go for a bike ride at 3pm which I could just about manage. I took my mac baby with me… she loved there… haha no serisouly though since I got my macbook i’ve learned a lot and it’s such a good system and well built. Kept me busy while it was hot outside. Tennis with my two little buddies was amazing… more about that later though. What else, now I’m trying to think back what I did… oh yeah spent some time with two really good friends of mine that I got to know very well after a long time which was nice…

I guess the most important lesson I learned there while haveing all that fun and preparing myself for the next stage of my life was somthing about planning. I know you should never have to be remindind by the many virtues of Allah but this summer I was completley taken a back by something I totally didn’t expect happening in my wildest dreams. He truly is the best of planners, i know that but when it happens to you, it really means so much more. And that’s all I have to say about that… :)