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Sonic Arts

I was originally looking for info on digital arts courses while browsing the web happen to come across this, it’s all about using sound and art design on the web, Sonic Arts. I thought it might be cool the way they implement it in web site designs. However due to it’s simplistic nature in this example I was thinking it could be a pretty cool tool for kids or infants learning the net or even a baby. Could this be the Duplo blocks of the future? Maybe…

  • Probably not rich enough to be a learning aid, but there’s some great work along similar lines being done at MIT Media Lab. Todd Machover’s ‘Opera Of The Future’ (http://www.media.mit.edu/research/ResearchPubWeb.pl?ID=35)research programme examines where digital media can help teach music composition. The Hyperscore and Toy symphony projects are great examples of this :)