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I gotta say something about spain because spain is and was awesome! You gotta check it out http://www.flickr.com/photos/mohsin/ . I think besides getting browner than i alreday am, you wouldn’t think it but yeh i never thought I could go darker a more goldeny color it was cool. My poor little brother who’s already well baked from the saudi sun went even darker which he didn’t like hehe. The beach was amazing which is what we did most of the time. My little bro and I that’s all we did just beach pretty much everyday. Everyone else was chicken but they all eventually came in towards the end of our stay. But wow it was amazing. I think it was doing somehing as a family it was really fun and different after a long long long time.

Oh Churros for breakfast with chocolate dip, they were to die for. We had them almost everyday and I don’t really care if they’re bad for you, it was the best breakfast ever! Though we’d burn it off in the water but wow i’m a huge churro fan!

I think what really took my breath away was Grandad. I didn’t get to see much of the city just al-humra and the cafe’s and restaurants below, but I really liked it. The city had this really cool vibe that was really welcoming although I did a 4hr drive to Grandad through the most seneic route possible and I really tired the city had this really inviting atmosphere that makes me so totally want to go back. I think it was the muslim culture it was still there in the walls in the buildings, you could see some of the heritige but it was soemthing else that was still there at Granada it’s weird and hard to explain but I guess you’d have to go there and feel it for yourself. Definetley will go back again.