Terminal Praying

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During my lunch break today i had to run some important errands, i had to go to the bank and i went to get my IDP from heathrow terminal 2, it’s the closest place where you I could pick up an idp living in Slough (gosh i hate that name Slough).

Anyways before i left the thing which was mostly bothering me apart from where the hell is terminal 2 and where do i park, was will i make it back for magrib or will I find somwhere in the terminal to pray or in the car. I normally get a chance to pray in the mosque but being so busy on my last day I had to get my idp.

Alright I finally got my idp after a long line wait and a form filling. The next question on my mind was gotta make wudu. So i found the mens toilet made wudu and upon leaving the bathroom i saw terminal 2 information desk, I really wanted to ask them maybe if there was a place to pray, airports usually have these things normally, but I cowered and thought I’d just do it in the car. I was on the second floor of terminal 2, went down the first floor where the exit was towards the short stay car park. I turned a corner just before the double automatic doors there were three i’m guessing somali/Sudanese african brothers praying magrib in congregation. I couldn’t belive my eyes, I was like alhumdullilah this is awesome! I took my jacket off put on the floor and prayed with them gave them my heart felt Salaams and left for my car.

I think that I totally had an “ah ha moment” today. It was totally fightening how it all happened but it felt so good and so right and it was truly amazing.