The Older I Get The Better I Was

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Well, Well, Well… What can I say… I’m 22 today and I’m really content with everything in my life. Which is weird because I never was like this last year. Gosh I feel old, may not look it though but damn I feel it. My brothers come up to me were pestering me what do you want what do you want for your birthday, and to my surprize I really had nothing to tell them. I said… I don’t need anything, it was a shock to them and to me but I really felt I didn’t need or want anything for my birthday, I didn’t see the need to like I use to. Needless to say I did get something which was an unexpected suprise, and it was nice. No matter how old you get you still like to recieve presents especially one which was wrapped as well as this… ah my brother got me a limited edition cologne I had my eye on for a while but couldn’t be asked to buy it becuase well, I’ve never bought cologne in my life and i’m cheap :)

Anyways had a good day, good meal, laughs jokes, reminising about old times… it was good, and I’m happy for once in my life. I use to fear the unknown, now I relish it…

As we grow older we grow both more foolish and wiser at the same time.
Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld, Maximes