The Real Reality

I wanted to share something profound that happened to me on Friday after the Friday prayers. It kinda stuck with me.

After moving my car I was headed toward the nearest cash machine after praying Jummah at Leeds Grand Mosque. I met a brother named Smail there, a handsome Algerian man in his late thirties. A regular at the mosque, most people know him. I approached him to wait in line he looked at me, his eyes lit up I gave him Salaams we did our buddy hand shake and embraced each other.  I then asked how he was doing and he replied “Ah u know alhumdulilah… a bit up and down” i said to him i knew what he meant. “This reality is tough man that’s why i really enjoy praying at Leeds Grand Mosque it’s such a unique place with unique individuals… very special!” i said. He agreed with me.  I then said “I’s like an escape from reality, i love going there!” He turned to me and said “No… that IS the real reality!” I paused for a moment, digesting what he had just said it felt so profound to me and i was surprised that i hadn’t thought of it like that before.

Two miniutes our conversation took and what he said had such an impact on me I’m still thinking about it days after.