The Water Cooler

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I was at my Khala’s (aunt’s) last weekend. We had a great time. But I forgot to mention an incident we had when I woke up for Suhur (to eat something before the fast). My brother Ush and I were in their kitchen which is absolutely gorgeous by the way. Khala took us to the kitchen and left us for by ourselves while she went back upstairs for something. So there we were me and Ush in the kitchen looking for some bowls to have cereal. I gave up and thought we’d wait till Khala comes back. I found a glass and I thought well I could have some water.

They have this awesome small cooler, you know like the big ones with the plastic bottle upside down at the top and makes bubbles when you take some water out. I love those they’re really cool. However the button you press to take the water was really soft. I pushed the button in and the water started coming out, but being the big dumb brute that I am, I pressed too hard and the button had gone into the valve. I noticed it and thought oh I’ll easily pop it back the other way. It didn’t. While I was trying to fiddle with it to get it to go back up I hadn’t realized that my glass was filling up fast and before I knew it it was starting to overflow. I glanced back to the button half way into the valve, it wasn’t budging. Now the water was going in the small drain at the bottom. It has to, to stop something like this from happening and the next time I glanced back the drain was overflowing. I looked around for another glass, found one across the counter, and I shouted to Ush to get it. I carefully took the full one away and replaced it with the new one. The new one was now filling up fast and I couldn’t get that blasted valve to go back in it’s place. When was this going to end. I looked at my brother chuckling away and said “help” with a hint of desperation. He came over and while I was still holding the new glass which was really filling up now he managed to get the button back up the valve and the water finally stopped. (I’d loosened it up for him)

I took the second almost full glass away, popped it on the counter next to the cooler. I took a step back and surveyed the watery mess I had created. Everything had happened in the space of less than minute. It was unbelievable. I just couldn’t stop laughing and saw that Ush was too. I noticed my feet had become wet which led me to find a sizeable pool of water on my Khala’s beautiful kitchen floor which I started to mop up. While I was mopping I was just trying to let my mind seep in all of what had just happened. I told my Khala when she came down and found me mopping her kitchen floor, she started to laugh.

It was just too early in the morning for operating a mini water cooler…