The Weekend

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Had another good weekend. Spent it at my Khala’s (aunt’s) place. It was good
but this time my brother didn’t feel like going… I don’t know why… He just
didn’t. I had a good time anyways. I guess the highlight of it was the
fireworks. My cousin and my Uncle let of some amazing fireworks. It was
amazing, I’m surprised at what you can get over the counter these days,
powerful stuff. Anyhoo prior to our personal firework display we tried to go to
a public one but it wasn’t happening. We tried to find a good view on a hill and
the fog came. We went down to the park where it was happening but there was no
parking and it started to rain. So in the end we saw a bit but decided to go
home it just wasn’t gonna happen but the private one at my Khala’s house made
up for that.

Probably the weirdest thing or you could see it as funny or very sad
happened on the way to my Khala’s house from my home. It involved a stunning beautiful
young women. I took the train and a good book to read to make the journey go by
quickly. I was half way there when I had to change trains at Leeds.
The next train was pretty full but I luckley found a single seat near the back
against the wall of the carriage about half way from the door (the door was in
the middle of the carriage).  I was engrossed into my book when something
caught the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw this beautiful young women get
on the train. As much as her beauty struck me it was her familiarity that I
couldn’t quite place. I thought to myself I swear I’ve seen her before. I just couldn’t
quite place her. I then started to go through my head any actresses I knew,
then singers, (I don’t know that many) then it came to me she looked a lot like
my Mom’s eldest brother’s youngest daughter. I couldn’t have missed the obvious…
no it can’t be… my cousin? Unfortunately we don’t see them that often so it
took me a while to register her in my mind. But even still I wasn’t convinced
it was her, it looks a lot like her but I thought no it’s not she looks
slightly different and I didn’t want to embarrass myself approaching a stranger
asking if she was my cousin. Anyways I arrived at my destination it was the end
of the line. I was waiting outside for my Uncle to pick me up it was going to
be Iftaar time soon. While I was waiting I saw that young women getting some
money out of the cash machine her familiarity still ringing in my mind. She
left to get in her car waiting for her and as she walked by me it finally clicked.
Oh my God that’s my cousin! She was too far away now for me to do anything
about it. I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize her! I felt like a complete
idiot! But then I had noticed she hadn’t gone yet and I could see my uncle
behind the driving seat (not the one picking me up, it was my mom’s eldest
brother). Now I was thinking I should go up to them but they didn’t really
recognize me and I thought they were just gonna leave, but no. I hadn’t noticed
but my uncle got out of his car and passed me. I noticed him as soon as he
passed. I think he was trying to figure out if it was me or not. I didn’t have
the guts to say anything because I didn’t really recognize him and I still had
some doubt in my mind that this could all be a big misunderstanding. He walked
almost into the train station stood at the doors turned around and was walking
back to his car he looked up at me and then I recognized him. Gosh I really
felt like and idiot by this time. We greeted each other and had a chat he
offered me a ride I said the other Uncle’s picking me up, he said he couldn’t recognize
me. I had to apologies. To be honest my long hair and shabby beard must have
thrown them a bit (well a lot actually). I got a wave from my cousin in the car
before they drove off. So that was really really funny or very very sad. It
ended on a high note so I’d say it’s funny. I just tried to let all of it seep
in while I was waiting for my pickup… I couldn’t believe I was that blind.
Just goes to show I guess some family I don’t really keep in touch with. Which
isn’t a good thing. My uncle always tells me to call him and come over but I
can never figure out whether it’s genuine or just a friendly gesture cos I’d
hate to go over there when they don’t really want you and they just say that to
be nice and they make the effort because they have to. I’d hate to do that to
someone. I just don’t want to be a bother you know… I should call him… I’m gonna
call him now…

Just another one to add to my list of interesting train journeys.